Snippets from Julia’s Travelogue

Snippets from 

Julia's Travelogue

At Hemant and Nandita, our brand mission has been twofold- to create timeless yet versatile ready-to-wear styles for a modern global woman, and through our brand ethos promote Indian craftsmanship, heritage and culture in a global arena. Fashion is a world language, transcending cultural and linguistic barriers, and fostering diversity, inclusiveness and an appreciation for artisanship.
Through our bespoke label, we endeavour to be front-runners in this global cultural exchange. A few moons ago, we had the pleasure of hosting Julia, an NYC-based fashion stylist, influencer and opinion leader on sustainability in fashion and climate change. It was rewarding to hear her interpretation of our craft and design.

Tell us more about your time spent with Hemant & Nandita:

" Nestled in a busy buzzing district, their office is like a sanctuary of warm bespoke style. No surprises there, given that the founders of the brand have impeccable taste and that reflects ampty in their work space, In terms of design and asthetics, their office comes close to any top tier office space in LA or NYC! As I took a tour of the facility, what really hit home was the wonderful camaraderie that everyone shared. The vibe was very personal and intimate, and it made me feel at home. The highest wass seeing the artisans at work, deftly handcrafting their creations with skill and percision. "

Love note from Julia

HN styles rank high on versatility and wearability, so I’d say they are occasion neutral. Easy relaxed separates or even one and done dresses, can be effortlessly mixed and matched for any occasion. For example, a HN dress paired with heels is perfect for an evening look, and the same dress can be teamed with flats or combat boots for a more fun relaxed look. I love that their pieces are so feminine. When I wear it always makes me feel a bit more exquisite. - Julia Kananovich 
It’s endearing to see women like Julia- who support sustainability and are style connoisseurs - appreciate and embody the values of H&N. With viewing your work from a lens that isn’t your own is refreshing and a practice all creatives should undergo.
Building a community, empowering our consumers, and curating a beautiful HN experience for each of our patrons always has been and will continue to be a priority for us. - Nandita Raipurani.

Favorites from Julia

Effortlessly beautiful with a keen eye for detail, a sustainability enthusiast, and a fashion aficionado, our beloved friend Julia curated a list of HN favorites, that are sure to add a hint of love to your wardrobe.