Summer at Hamptons with Sarah & Grace

As we dive into the spirit of summer, our minds wander to sandy beaches, leisurely holidays, and luxurious beachside destinations, to unhurried days spent lounging in plush gardens followed by raising a toast to the beauty of life and nature.

We brought this summer fantasy to life with a delightful collaboration with influencers- Sarah Jane and Grace Ann, starring in the Summer’23 collection by Hemant & Nandita.

As the sun casted its golden glow over the pristine beaches and sprawling estates of the Hamptons, Sarah and Grace effortlessly embodied the laid-back yet luxurious vibe of this iconic destination.

With their effortless charm and free-spirited vibe, they transport us to a world of tranquil shores and carefree moments, perfectly encapsulating the spirit of a summer vacation in the Hamptons.

In this idyllic setting, the Summer '23 Collection comes to life, offering a curated selection of summer essentials designed to elevate your warm-weather wardrobe.

The collection gloriously marries high fashion aesthetics with utility, offering styles crafted in season-approved fabrics and textures. From vibrant prints to serene solids, the collection is designed to evoke the feeling of an invigorating summer wonderland!

The soft pastel hues and flowy silhouettes of the collection mirror the beauty of the Hamptons, with serene whites, sandy neutrals, and playful pops of pinks, blues, and yellows reminiscent of the sea and the summer sky, taking form in playful minis, relaxed midis and holiday ready crop tops and skirts.

From glamorous garden parties to strolls on the beach, our collection reflects the understated yet inspiring aesthetic of the Hamptons.

Join us as we celebrate the spirit of "Summer at Hamptons" with Sarah Jane & Grace Ann, and discover the timeless appeal of Hemant & Nandita's Summer '23 Collection.