Coastal Trails to Coachella '24

In the vibrant world of music festivals, we embarked on a thrilling journey this year with influencers Anja & Martina to capture the essence of Coachella with our Spring'24 Collection against the sun-kissed shores of Croatia.

The picturesque backdrop of Zadar, Croatia, with its rugged landscapes and refreshing ocean breeze, served as the perfect canvas for our Coachella-inspired shoot.

Anja & Martina's effortless style and infectious energy brought our vision to life as they moved and posed along the sandy beaches, adorned in select styles from our Spring’24 Collection.

From fluttering blooms to musical dunes

Effervescent and whimsical, the collection encapsulates the sublimely nomadic and adventurous spirit of a girls’ getaway during spring. Bursting with rejuvenating colors and prints, the collection finds form in flowing maxi skirts to mini dresses, shorts, and oversized floral shirts - each piece embodying the spirit of spring and the festive ambiance of Coachella.

Talking about the collection, Anja says, “teaming up with HN was like a dream come true since I've always been a huge fan of their vacation style.

The Spring collection captures the vibrant spirit of Coachella through its fun designs and playful patterns. Flowy pieces from this collection are the perfect choice for hot desert air.”

As Anja & Martina twirled in their favorite styles from the collection - the Tora bandeau and skirt and the Mina flared pants - they epitomized the free-spirited glamour of Coachella.

Their styling choices, from boots to minimal accessorizing, from dewy tinted cheeks to wind ruffled hair, perfectly complemented the vibrant hues of our collection.

Ode to Coachella

Sip, shop and soak up the Coachella vibes was the memo at our backyard oasis in Los Angeles

Just ahead of the festival, HN brought the festival's spirit to life with a special curation in Los Angeles.

Inspired by the vibrant energy of this global event, we transformed a lush backyard in L.A. into a bohemian wonderland, where fashion, music, and fun converged under the warm embrace of the spring sun!

Picture coconut stands serving refreshing drinks, vibrant fruits on display, and exotic flowers enveloping the space with their kaleidoscopic hues and fragrances. But the real star of this show was our Spring'24 Collection being displayed in all its glory amidst the festival-inspired decor.

As festival-goers and style enthusiasts explore the corner, they'll be transported to a world where eclectic styles dance to the rhythm of music, and every moment is a melody of celebration and joy!

With Anja & Martina leading the way, the Spring'24 Collection beckons you to embody the essence of Coachella, embrace the awe and excitement of adventures, and groove to the beat of your unique style.