A Tribute to Our Pillars: Celebrating 10 Years of committed excellence

Marking a milestone that echoes a decade of dedication, join us as we raise a toast to the very foundation of Hemant and Nandita – our exceptional team who has given their life, blood and more to the growth and success of this company.

Decade of Dedication:

Celebrating 10 Years of Excellence

Join us in honouring the remarkable journey of our beloved employees who have contributed a decade of passion and commitment to HN.

We extend profound appreciation to these individuals who have dedicated ten years of their lives to shaping the success of Hemant and Nandita.

Captured in these images are the faces of the people whom we call family. Each frame speaking a unique story of hardwork, zeal, and unwavering dedication.

Design, HOD

"I have never felt like an employee here. I have always been made to feel like it is my company, my brand and my family. Nandita Ma'am is my biggest inspiration.

The way she handles her work, personal life, and everything else- all with a smiling face and vibrant enthusiasm- is very encouraging and motivating."

Suman Sharma joined Hemant and Nandita 14 years ago, at a time when the brand was at the brink of expansion and growth. Donning multiple hats, Suman expertly managed many roles, right from design and sampling to being a brand coordinator and everything in between. Always feeling at home and loving what she did at HN, she was promoted to Head of Design in 2012.

More than a decade later, she single handedly manages and cares for a team of 30+ associates and continues to give her best to the brand that she fondly refers to as her family.

Jitender KUMAR jha
Trims Store, Field Operations

“I love how everyone is treated with utmost respect here at HN, regardless of your position in the organisation. Ma’am and Sir have always been kind and warm in their interactions with everyone, and that is what sets this company apart from others.”

Jitender Jha has dedicated 12 years of his life to Hemant and Nandita and his affable nature and commitment to his work makes him an indispensable asset to the growth of the company.

Baliram Tripathi
HR & Admin, Supervisor

“In the last 14 years, I have been fortunate to have met some amazing people and have enjoyed a great working culture. When I was going through a tough time in my personal life, Hemant Sir along with the whole company did not hesitate from lending a helping hand, even in matters such as my son’s wedding. Thus, for me the brand truly refelects a sense of family- a feeling that is shared by every individual who has been a part of the HN team.”

Baliram Tripathi has been an integral part of the HN family for the last 14 years. We have learnt a lot from him such as his integrity towards work and fellow colleagues, his resilience, dedication and an ever polite demeanour.

Sampling, Machine Embroider

“I aspire for the company to grow from strength to strength and for us to grow along with the brand as I am an eternal optimist. I believe there is no point in taking unnecessary stress in life.”

After having waited for 3 years to get a job with Hemant and Nandita, Javed finally got a role with us in 2011 in the sampling department as a machine embroider. For Javed, consistency is key and he believes in honouring his talent and giving his best to whatever life throws at him! We salute his spirit and extend a warm thank you for the time, effort and love that he has given to the company.

Buddha Dab Dolui
Operations, Hand Embroider

“I do not shy away from any work. I strive for perfection in any job that has been assigned to me. I will always remember the praise and encouragement that Ma’am has showered on me.”

Buddha Dab is a star employee who has been with us for the last 10 years! Fondly referred to as ‘Dada’, he is committed to learning and growing. He has mastered the art of sampling, production, and finishing and continues to strive to reach greater heights. A thorough professional on one hand and on the other hand he is also a loving comrade to Hemant and Nandita’s kids, indulging them with little treats.

Sampling, Machine Embroider

“I embarked upon my journey at Hemant and Nandita when I moved from a small boutique and one day chanced upon a job posting at the company. I have given 10 years of my life to HN. It was my opportunity to move from a small scale enterprise to a big brand. I guess I was destined to be here!”

From Kanpur to Noida, Afeek has come a long way with his journey at HN. A much cherished part of the team, he is with the sampling department working as a machine embroider. Committed to his craft, he is passionate about what he does and emotional about his time with the brand. Known to have never taken a single day off from work, Afeek is a rare gem that we are proud to call our own.

Arvind KUMAR
Sales, Showroom In-charge

“I am here because of Ma’am and Sir. They are super supportive and kind and will help you through all your obstacles or mistakes. If anyone has a willingness to learn, they will go all out and support that person.”

Arvind joined us in 2013 and this was his very first (and we truly hope) his only job! He is a keen learner and is always looking out for opportunities to grasp more and improve his prospects. Blessed with a ‘work hard party harder’ attitude, he loves to participate in all the office celebrations, get- togethers and festivities and brings a positive and enthusiastic energy to the workplace. We heart you, Arvind and thank you for all that you do!

Sampling, Tailor

“Even though I travel from far to get to work, it is absolutely worth it. In the last 10 years, people here have become my family, specially Sanjayji, with whom I share a great bond.”

Originally from Jharkhand, Safik joined us in 2012 and travels all the way from Ashok Nagar to Noida for work. An expert tailor, he is a man of few words and great actions. With a single minded focus to work and provide for his family, he aspires for his kids to study hard and become successful. He did admit though that Sholay is one of his favourite movies!

Ajay pal
HR & Admin, Electrician

“I work here like it is my own home. Inspite of getting offers by other companies with better salaries etc., I never wanted to leave because of all the love and respect that I received at HN. Sir and Ma’am are very kind hearted and have always appreciated my work. As far as I am concerned, this is the best place to work.”

Everyone’s favourite and lovingly referred to as the resident magician, Ajay hails from Punjab and he joined us 10 years ago. Friendly and hardworking, he happily takes on various kinds of tasks. Be it electrical work or handling decor for a party, he is the go to guy! His willingness to help, a positive attitude and his commitment to the company is incomparable! We love and value him forever.

Ashok Kumar
Sampling, Tailor

“I have always admired Hemant Sir’s thought process and vision. To me this place is family and both Sir and Ma’am mean everything to me.”

Ashok Kumar has been a valued part of the HN family for more than a decade now. A deft tailor, he is a simpleton at heart and a stickler for time and his ideals. His commitment and love for the brand are in complete sync with our brand ethos. We wish him many more successful years at Hemant and Nandita.

Dablu Prasad
Sampling, Tailor

“I knew I had to work, but I wanted to work where I would be happy, and this is my happy place. I have learnt so much here and continue to do so everyday.”

Dablu Prasad has been with us since 2012. He joined the team with stitching as his core role, and has worked his way up to being a line supervisor.
His untiring efforts and commitment to the organisation over the past decade and more is something that we will forever be grateful for!